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OUT Jasper LGBTQA Society is a grassroots advocacy, peer and support group for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer/questioning community (LGBTQA).

Somewhere over the rainbow, nestled underneath pyramid mountain, a small town called Jasper rests. In this town there is a group of individuals who believe in equality for everyone, regardless of what colour of the rainbow they “fit” into. The members, regardless of their sexual orientation, believe in bringing a positive message to all community members, as well as creating a positive space for all LGBTQA and allies to openly discuss any issues they are facing.


  • Create a supportive and welcoming environment for concerns and issues in the LGBTQA community to be heard and addressed
  • Provide educational resources to the town of Jasper, focusing on sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Work towards the end of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

OUT Jasper LGBTQA Society is pushing the movement of LGBTQA equality and human rights through the mountains and into the Yellowhead Region


Mychol Ormandy, Executive Director – OUT Jasper LGBTQA Society
Telephone: 825-422-0099
Mobile: 780-931-6225
Facebook Page: OUT JASPER
Email: out.jasperlgbtq@gmail.com


612 Connaught Dr. Suite 105
Jasper, AB TOE 1E0

Bylaws and Incorporation


Certificate of Incorporation